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Disney’s Newport Bay Club Compass Club room review

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I was lucky enough to go to Disneyland Paris for my birthday this year. I know im a 29 year old in a child’s body! But who turns down a trip to Disney?! 

I love it there and I feel like I’ve been enough times and stayed in enough of the hotels there to be *almost* expert level at deciding where the best place to stay is! I’ve stayed at the Newport Bay Club a couple of times before but only in their standard rooms, which before anyone says otherwise are still gorgeous and perfectly themed! But this time I was lucky enough to stay in one of the Compass Club rooms and not just any old Compass Club room but the Presidential Suite. SCREAMMMMMMM. 

If you’re planning a trip to Disneyland Paris then you’re definitely going to want to consider a Compass Club room just for all the added extras you’ll get with it. 

Compass Club private reception

Disneyland Paris is pretty much always insanely busy. Obviously when you finally get there you want to get into the parks, but nope! There’s a half an hour queue to check into your hotel first. Not with a Compass Club room though. As a Compass Club guest you have access to your own private check in desk in a small room off to the left of the front entrance. We were greeted immediately on arrival and once given our tickets and fast passes we were taken into the Compass Club lounge and offered complimentary tea, coffee and soft drinks. Our luggage was waiting for us when we arrived back in our room later that afternoon. For any bookings, changes or room queries Compass Club guests can use the private reception. 

Although our check in was quick there are only 3 desks and there was usually only 2 staff working so we found our check out was much busier. We went to check out when 3 other families were checking in so be aware that it does become slightly busier during changeovers especially at the weekends. 

The private Compass Club reception for Compass Club guests

The Compass Club lounge

The Compass Club lounge was possibly my favourite extra. All Compass Club guests have breakfast here each morning, there is no need to book as you would with the standard breakfast service and it lasts slightly later until 11 rather than 10:30. 

The lounge is then open throughout the day until 10pm for any Compass Club guests to come in and help themselves to complimentary drinks, newspapers and magazines when they please. If you’ve been to Disneyland before you’ll appreciate how needed this is after a long day of walking! 

The Compass Club lounge also offers afternoon tea from 4-5:45. I’ll admit I was underwhelmed by the afternoon tea selection. Being from the UK I had visions of scones, mini sandwiches and cakes but it was, I guess, a more continental version. There was 1 smoked salmon sandwich and a cake with the added extras of fresh fruit and yoghurt which were still delicious. In saying that the ability to rest for a while and help yourself to refreshments was a real treat and helped to break up the day. 

The Compass Club lounge for Compass Club guests

The Compass Club rooms

It goes without saying the rooms at all the Disney hotels are beautifully themed. Newport Bay is a New England style hotel and reminds me of a little Yacht Club which you’ll know of if you’ve been to Disney World in Florida. The rooms are decorated in a nautical theme and the Compass Club rooms are all located on the top 2 floors. We had a beautiful view across the lake from our room, but I believe some of the family Compass Club rooms are facing the other side so you would need to request a lake view if you wanted one. We could also just see the fireworks display in the park from our room at night which was pretty impressive considering it’s still a 15 minute walk from the park. 

There is a turndown service offered each morning with chocolate Mickey coins left on your pillow and we arrived to a giant basket of fruit, chocolate and champagne which was very well received! 

4 glasses and a bottle of Champagne on ice in the Compass Club Presidential Suite

Our room was spacious and the beds were honestly the comfiest hotel beds I’ve ever slept on. Amazing 6ft memory foam mattresses, perfect after a day on your feet. All the Compass Club rooms have Nespresso machines and a selections of coffee pods which were replaced daily. This was a nice touch for my family who are big coffee drinkers! 

A large 6ft bed in the Compass Club Presidential Suite

The suite had the standard ironing board and iron, mini fridge and a safe. It also had a back to back TV set up so that whoever was sleeping on the sofa bed could watch one tv and whoever was in the bed could watch theirs. Granted we didn’t watch much tv but it would work well for kids that wanted to watch different Disney shows at once. 

Tea & coffee area in Compass Club Presidential Suite with Nespresso coffee machine.

VIP Fastpass

Fastpasses at Disneyland Paris are like gold dust. Once gone for the day that’s it you have to wait until tomorrow. The fastpasses allow you to skip the majority of the queues and cut your waiting time by at least half on the largest rides. All of the most popular rides have a fastpass except Crush’s Coaster which is based in the Hollywood Studios park. If you want all my tips and tricks for inside the park you can read that here

Each Compass Club guest gets the ability to get standard fastpasses and gets one extra fastpass per day to be used on their choice of ride. But Compass Club suites get VIP fastpasses. These allow you to always use the fastpass queue on eligible rides rather than having to try to get one per person each time you want to ride. Honestly having been to Disneyland quite a few times and doing a lot of queuing over the years these fastpasses were incredible. As I was there during half term some of the queues for the popular rides were over 2 hours long. With our VIP fastpasses we didn’t queue for longer than 25 minutes for any rides with a fastpass. If you have small children these are well worth having to reduce your queue time especially on rides like Peter Pan in Fantasyland which is constantly a long wait. 

Captain’s Quarters Bar

Although not specifically just for Compass Club guests I felt I should mention the food and drinks options the hotel has in this review! The Captain’s Quarters Bar is the main offering for all guests at the Newport Bay Hotel. It’s situated on the second floor which is the floor the main entrance is on and it has a large half moon window which you can sit in overlooking the lake. The service is friendly although very slow so you can wait a while for someone to come and take your order. The cost of the drinks was relative to Disney, extortionate elsewhere in the world but acceptable there!  They had a large selection of drinks available and some themed cocktails and food offerings for Halloween. They also had a small selection of sandwiches, crisps and cakes if you wanted a bite to eat. I liked the atmosphere in there and it was a nice place to sit and have a drink before dinner. 

The entrance to the Captain's Quarters Bar at the Newport Bay Hotel in Disneyland Paris

Newport Bay Club restaurants

There are 2 restaurants at the Newport Bay Club one table service Yacht Club and one buffet, Cape Cod. We only ate at the buffet when I was there so I can’t comment on the table service, but it was always busy whenever we walked past so I would imagine you would need to get your booking in before you go like they advise for the majority of restaurants around Disneyland. 

Cape Cod was a buffet and offered a variety of options, lots of different fish dishes, pastas, a large salad bar and a selection of puddings. There was also the standard kids fare of chicken nuggets, chips, pizza and ice cream. The food was good for a buffet and you’d generally be able to find something to eat. I would say for vegans there wasn’t a huge selection but I believe there are other options around the park so check the menus before you go.  

The large bathroom with double sink in the Compass Club Presidential Suite.

If you’re considering a trip to Disneyland Paris the Compass Club rooms at the Newport Bay Club should definitely be on your list to consider. The hotel itself is beautiful, well themed and I found the staff to be friendly and helpful. The benefits you get with Compass Club are well worth the upgrade particularly the fastpasses and private lounge area. The Newport Bay certainly helps to maintain the feeling that you’re in the ‘most magical place in the world’! 

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    Wow, this place is stunning! Disney does not disappoint.

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      Gorgeous isn’t it!

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