The travel sites you need to plan the perfect trip

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Is there actually anything better than deciding it’s time to book your next adventure? Whether it’s a weekend UK break or backpacking remote jungles these are the travel sites you need to ensure your trip goes smoothly! Every travel site mentioned is available to download on iOS and Android to make things even easier for you to plan your summer holiday!

Holiday Pirates

One of my favourite sites is Holiday Pirates. It gives you the option of searching for hotels, flights, cruises or package holidays. It has some amazing deals and regularly posts error fares for flights. A friend of mine got a return flight to LA from Heathrow for a fiver. Seriously. Amazing. 

You can also set alerts for specific airports, countries and the type of holiday you want. This lets you know whenever a new offer comes up that matches your specifications. These are so handy if you know in advance where you want to go as you can set it up and wait for the bargains to roll in! 

The app also allows you to set up whatsapp alerts with their deal of day so you never miss out. Finally they also do regular competitions where you can win money to spend on holidays offered. 

Holiday Pirates is an affiliate site, so you are not booking through them, they will link you to the site with the cheapest price. If you’re flexible with dates and places you’ll find some great deals on here. Be aware the price may change slightly if you change the travel arrangements to what is shown. 

A beach in Mexico being advertised on Holiday Pirates travel site

Voyage Prive

If you’re feeling flush and want to splash out, try Voyage Prive. This site has tons of 4 & 5 star hotels at a discounted rate. Granted you won’t find as many bargains in the sense that you’ll get an international flight for a fiver, but the hotels are all beautiful. It’s the perfect site if you’re booking an important holiday like a honeymoon and you have a little more to spend. And you’re still getting a 5 star holiday with a pretty big chunk of money taken off. They send out regular alerts when new holidays come up so make sure you set up your alert choices on the app so you don’t miss out! 

Now if you’re not a package deal kinda gal but you’ve got your flights booked, you’re going to need to find somewhere to stay. I have 2 go to apps for booking accomodation. 


Hotels.com is my favourite accomodation site if you like to stay in a hotel when you travel. It’s so simple to use and they reguarly offer discounts on stays if you purchase through the app. They also have a rewards programme for guests to earn a free stay after paying for 10 stays. You only have to pay any taxes and fees on your free reward stay. It’s well worth joining as there are no restrictions on when you can use your free stay. There are also different levels of membership depending on how often you travel. If you prefer you’ve also got the option of Booking.com. They have very similar accomodation available but the prices are slightly different so it’s worth checking both. 

Zebra's feeding at the Royal Livingstone hotel in Zambia. Hotel booked through travel sites mentioned


I can’t have a top travel site post without mentioning Airbnb! I’ve got to admit it’s taken me years to start using Airbnb. I don’t know why because I absolutely love it now and have used it to find stays both in and out of the UK. I haven’t yet stayed in an Airbnb outside Europe, but I plan to. Considering the price of some of them, it’s a no brainer. Especially if you’re going on a group holiday.  

Use their extensive choice of filters to pick and choose what you’re looking for and if you can, find yourself a superhost! These are the hosts that have experience of having visitors to their property and provide excellent support and experiences. I’ve always found the hosts i’ve stayed with to be friendly and welcoming but superhosts will go the extra mile to give you all the tips you need whilst you’re staying. 

So you’ve got some of the best places to find accommodation, but what about getting there? I use a number of sites to find flights including direct airlines, but these are my favourites. 


Skyscanner is one of my favourite sites to use because of it’s explore function. Sometimes you don’t know exactly where you want to go. You just know you want to go somewhere! Their ‘explore our map’ feature allows you to pick the month and the airport you fly from and it’ll show you which flights are leaving and the cost of each. It’s great because it brings up places you may never even have heard of let alone considered for a holiday. 

The view of Europe out of a plane window whilst in the air.


Kiwi is a site I found out about recently. I’ve been playing around with it while looking for trips this year and I had to include because of how much I love the ‘Nomad’ feature.

So, you’re planning a trip across Europe and want to visit say 3 or 4 countries whilst you’re there. This is where Nomad comes into play. You input your starting point and the dates you’d like to leave. You can add as many stops in as you like with each of your destinations and Nomad will search to find the quickest, cheapest and best flights that match what you are looking for. It’s so much more simple than spending hours pricing up each flight individually. At some point I want to travel round South America and will definitely be using this site to help me out! 

Jack’s Flight Club

Jack’s Flight Club is another great cheap flight site that cuts out all of the hard work for you. Sign up via email and you’ll receive 1 or 2 emails a week advising you of great flight deals to snap up! It is free to join but there is an option to join premium which according to the site will give you 4 times as many flight deals a week plus weekly weekend trip alerts. I’m not personally a premium member so I can’t vouch for that but if you’re a regular flyer and are interested it comes in 3 price tiers. Quarterly which is £12 for 3 months, semi-annually which is £19 or annually which is £35. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee. 

The alerts are only for flights departing from UK and Irish airports, but it’s a genuinely useful site and i’ve booked a few flights thanks to emails i’ve received so it’s worth signing up for free at least! 

A bright red cocktail in the sand on a Caribbean beach

So those are the main sites I like to use when booking a holiday, one last site I will mention that is not strictly a travel site but I love it so much I can’t not mention it is Top Cashback. It allows you to earn cashback on the things you purchase online. Some of the above sites mentioned are on there and you can sometimes get up to 10% back which adds up if you’re spending a lot! I always use it to book my airport parking and hotel stays the night before a flight. It’s well worth having even if you just use it for holidays, but if you’re a regular online shopper and you aren’t signed up go go go! You’re missing out on hundreds of pounds in cashback. Last year I earned £300 back on online purchases. It’s also available as an app so you can shop via your phone.  

Let me know if you’ve found any great bargains using the sites above or if there’s other you use that I need to add to this list! 

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