Kally Sleep review: Is a full body pillow really worth it?

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When Kally Sleep contacted me to find out whether I would like to review one of their pillows, I had a look at their website and was instantly interested when I saw the claim that their body pillow had been ergonomically designed with chiropractors and sleep doctors to help alleviate neck and back pain along with other joint issues. 

I had a car accident last year and regularly wake up with neck pain since then and I’ve tried so many different pillows with different firmness ratings to see whether they make a difference. This was my first time trying a body pillow, but I’m all about doing whatever I can to get the best night’s sleep as I know how important sleep is for our daily functioning! 

Why is the Kally Pillow worth considering? 

The body pillow is designed to keep your head and neck aligned with your spine. The idea is that you tuck the pillow between your legs and under your head to ensure your body is fully supported whilst you sleep. Its full body length allows it to mould to your shape and sit underneath your neck to fill the gap that you might find with a standard pillow. The body pillow is designed for side sleepers as this is the optimum sleeping position for your spine, but Kally Sleep state that back sleepers can use the pillow to help encourage you to sleep on your side. 

The body pillow also claims to support those with back, hip, shoulder and leg pain due to its design and it’s also great for those recovering from surgery. Although the body pillow is a great shape for pregnant women, Kally Sleep also offers a full pregnancy range of support pillows and u-shaped pillows to relieve joint pain and a kids range which comes with 3 pillowcase choices. These have cute designs and are reasonably priced. Kally Sleep also offers a 14-day money-back guarantee if you don’t experience a more comfortable sleep after trying their products. 

The unboxing

Delivery timing was good, it was sent via next day delivery and I did indeed have an email early the next morning to say my parcel would be arriving that day. Unfortunately due to my own terrible planning, I had to change the delivery date as I wasn’t in that evening so it took an extra day to get to me. Standard delivery is free when spending over £39 at Kally Sleep. 

My body pillow arrived in a small box, which confused me as I was expecting a much bigger box! It turns out the pillow can be rolled up when not in use which makes it easier to store. It came neatly wrapped with the colour pillowcase I chose, heathered grey. There are currently 5 pillowcase colours available. 

The Kally Sleep body pillow rolled up on top of the box it came in.

Disclaimer: this was not exactly how it arrived! I was so excited to get it out and try it I didn’t take a picture. I know I’m a terrible blogger. Still, it gave me a chance to try re-rolling. Which was easy to do and it rolled small enough that you could store if you need to. 

The Verdict

I’ve been using the Kally Sleep body pillow for almost 2 weeks now and I really like it. It did take me at least 4 nights to get used to it though. If you try it and it feels uncomfortable, please don’t give up straight away! At first it seemed so huge length and width wise. My neck felt uncomfortably high and it seemed to take up so much space on the bed that it felt like there was a 3rd person in there. But after a few days, the hollow fibre filling started to soften and it seemed to mold to the position that I would usually fall asleep in. I did notice that on the 1 night I slept with my normal pillows I woke up the next morning with neck pain. I haven’t had that since I managed to find a comfortable position with the body pillow. 

The Kally Sleep body pillow on a made bed, showing how long it is. It covers the width of a standard double bed.

I love the colour that I chose, it’s a very soft grey with white flecks throughout the fabric and I’m intending to buy some of the other pillowcases to see how those colours match up. The material of the pillowcase is jersey cotton, which if you’ve tried before you’ll know how amazingly soft it is. It also washed up really well and didn’t go bobbly as many pillowcases I’ve had over the years like to! 

I also washed the pillow itself as I wanted to see whether it would hold its shape. I wondered whether rolling it up into a washing machine would move the hollow fibre interior, but was pleasantly surprised that it only needed a little fluffing once washed and dried straight back into its original shape. I washed it at the recommended 40 degrees. 

Close up photo showing the jersey cotton pillowcase material and the Kally Sleep logo.

One of my only complaints would be that due to the size and the fact it’s designed for side sleepers if you want to turn over throughout the night it’s difficult to do very easily! If your partner is sleeping next to you it can become a mission to try and move the pillow to the other side without waking them up. In saying this I have found that in the last few days, now I’ve found a comfortable position, I tend to fall asleep and stay there. What I would say is don’t decide you don’t like it after 1 night. You have a 14-day money-back guarantee and it’s taken me less than that to decide that it’s lived up to its claims, particularly where neck pain is concerned. 

My friend who has recently given birth also used it to support her baby whilst feeding, so it’s multifunctional! 

A reminder that although this product was gifted, I was not paid for this review. All opinions are my own and I will continue to use this product as I’ve found that it’s made a positive improvement to my quality of sleep. If you like the idea of better sleep with a body pillow you can check out the Kally Sleep range here

An up close picture of the Kally Sleep pillow and label

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