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FIIT: The at home workout app you need in your life

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I’ve been a regular gym goer for the past few years now, 5 times a week without fail. But recently I noticed that my standard routine wasn’t cutting it anymore. It began to feel like a chore and I came up with excuses not to go. I had been doing a lot of weights with a bit of cardio thrown in for good measure. But the whole back day, leg day, chest day was starting to get boring. So I went in search of something new I could try to change things up a little. 

Fiit workout logo

I follow Chessie King on Instagram, if you don’t know who she is go follow her. She’s one of the few fitness influencers who is not only tall like me but down to earth and willing to take the piss out of herself which I love. She’s also big on body positivity so why wouldn’t you like her, right? Anyway, she’d been promoting a new product called Fiit workout regularly and it caught my eye. 

What is Fiit?

Fiit is an online workout community offering numerous classes that you can do at home, at the gym or whilst travelling. You either watch from your phone or attach to a tv, choose a class and you’re off. There are 3 studios to choose from, cardio which is a ton of different hiit circuits some with dumbbells and kettlebells, strength which is bodyweight and equipment based strength training and rebalance which offers yoga, pilates, mobility training and breathwork. There are different trainers in each studio, some tv/social media faces amongst them and I’m yet to find a trainer whose class I haven’t enjoyed. The classes are 25 or 40 minutes long, so you can definitely find time to fit at least 1 in! 

One of my favourites is Cat Meffan who teaches some of the yoga classes. I’m not a yogi, in fact if you’d have asked me a few months ago I’d have told you it looked boring and I wouldn’t bother. But it’s bloody hard work! I have a new found respect for all you regular yoga doers. Cat does a great job of explaining the moves clearly, albeit sometimes making you feel about as flexible as a piece of wood when you see some of the positions she can contort herself into! 

Cat Meffan leading a yoga class on the Fiit workout app

So what does Fiit do differently?

Fiit seems to offer a much more varied choice of workouts and classes than anything i’ve seen before. It’s way better than your average workout DVD and it actually feels like you’re in a class with a PT rather than just watching someone exercise on your tv. What sold Fiit to me was the fact you get to choose a chest strap, a branded Wahoo Tickr X, with your membership which monitors your heart rate, reps and Fiit points. Fiit points are calculated in cardio classes and you can redo classes as you progress to try and beat your previous score. If you’re motivated by seeing your progress on screen in front of you, then a Fiit workout might be for you. You can choose the type of chest strap you would like with your membership. The original for £45, the lite version for £25 or you can link the app up to your Apple Watch for free. 

It also offers different classes focusing on different body parts so if you’re looking for a glute focused day for example you’ll find one on there. The trainers are motivating without being aggressive and remind you regularly that your focus should be on pushing yourself to your limit which is not necessarily the same as theirs. You also have the option to complete 6 week training plans which are great if you like to exercise without having to think. 4 classes are available each week and you need to complete all 4 before unlocking the next week. You can do other classes on top if you want to. 

Anything bad?

The classes in the cardio and strength studios are mainly circuit based with short bursts of exercise and rest. If you really hate circuits then that might be a deal breaker for you. The app is also only available on iOS and in the UK at the moment, but there has recently been a notification for Android users that it will be available soon. You can sign up to their waiting list to be notified when this happens. 

Other than this, I’ve got to admit I’ve struggled to find any negatives to Fiit. The app is so easy and clear to use, the classes are really well led and there is a ton of choice available to you in terms of workouts. 

Fiit workout app equipment including chest strap, travel bag and HDMI cable.

Talk to me about prices

So as of writing this, Fiit are currently offering two options. You can sign up for a free membership which includes a variety of classes across all 3 studios and you can start using as soon as you download the app. The free membership doesn’t include the option to purchase the chest strap or the training plans. Fiit premium is a paid subscription membership offering 3 price points. You can pay monthlyfor £20, quarterly for £45 or yearly for £120. These are excellent deals considering the average gym membership is around £25-£30 a month. If you’re interested in Fiit premium you can sign up here and get £20 off your first payment. You also have the option of purchasing a HDMI cable and a mat if you want one. The mats are £45 which I felt was a bit steep so I bought this one off Amazon which has been fine! I’m also using these dumbbells and this kettlebell from Argos. They come in a range of weights and were a bargain buy! 

So is Fiit right for me?

If you’re looking to start a new workout regime, change up your current one or have gym anxiety, then Fiit might be the perfect answer for you. It’s easy to use both at home and on the go and you need no equipment other than an exercise mat if that’s what you prefer. I’d love to hear your thoughts, if you try it let me know! 

A woman holding a rolled up yoga mat exercising at home using an app.

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