Welcome to Amy Lives Well! 

A G&T and pizza enthusiast. I also love writing and have done since I was a little babe writing stories for my primary school homework!

You know that little mid 20s panic you have, WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE, WHERE AM I GOING?!?!?! In the midst of all of that, the constant thought was that I wanted to start a blog. I’ve always loved blogs, reading reviews and getting all the tips and tricks. You best believe if I’m researching something I’ll be 10 pages deep on google reading every blog post there is on the subject!

So now seemed like the best time to just go for it. I’m heading rapidly towards 30 and I care far less about what people think these days. Travels, all the good eats and those fave lifestyle bits and bobs of mine are what you’ll find here.

If you are interested in collaborating please email me at amy@amyliveswell.com.