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7 things you learn during tough times

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Life can be really bloody hard. So hard that it’s easy to feel like you can’t take anymore. Yet if you take a step back and consider everything that you’ve been through you begin to see that maybe you can get through the tough times. These 7 pointers will remind you how strong you really are. 

Who you can rely on

When you’re struggling you always expect those you’re closest to to be the ones you can rely on. It doesn’t always work like that. Sometimes those people are the last to help you out when you really need it most and the people you least expect are there for you. It changes your opinion of people but opens doors to building new friendships and love which is a blessing in disguise. You know where to find support should you find yourself needing it in future.

How resilient you are

You can cope with far more than you ever thought you could when you’re experiencing tough times. As time passes and events happen you realise that you can deal with them head on. Instead of focusing on what’s going wrong and drowning in a sea of self-pity and sadness you accept it and focus on what you can do to improve the situation. That might be actually doing something to change the situation or just focusing on your self care if it’s out of your control. Take care of yourself and you’ll find yourself able to tackle issues that once seemed unmanageable. 

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How to appreciate the good times

You begin to understand that stresses and tough times are a part of life. They’ll always be there but it’s how you deal with them that matters. Understand that bad times will always end and you will feel positive again. This is especially important if you ever feel like suicidal thoughts are beginning to take over. Emotions are fluid, they ebb and flow and it’s so important not to let a permanent decision override that fluidity. 

How important it is to remain positive

You begin to recognise the importance of positivity and how it affects the way you look at your situation. It’s equally as important to allow yourself to feel sadness, anger and frustration but acknowledging your emotions is different to allowing them to take over. Positivity allows you to consider the situation from a different angle. Studies have shown that positivity has a dramatic effect on the way we deal with problems due to feeling that we have a range of different options with which to tackle them. Try and find positives, even if it’s just that you had a really great cuppa this morning when you woke up! 

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That change is inevitable

You learn that change is inevitable. Change can be scary and we’re often content staying in our bubble of comfort. The things we know and the routines we have are our safe zone. When you experience situations that you haven’t before it throws you into a world of discomfort as you usually have to make changes to move forward. By accepting change as inevitable, especially during tough times you experience faster personal growth and become a stronger person. Change brings about new opportunities and new beginnings which is always a positive! 

How to be flexible

You learn to be far more flexible than you have been in the past. You can’t control situations or other people only yourself and how you behave. Your reactions to situations change which allows you to be flexible in your approach. You’re far more able to adapt when stress hits. A life skill that comes in handy in all sorts of environments. 

Appreciate the little things

You learn to appreciate the little things. Those times spent with people you love, afternoon walks on a Sunday, coffee with your friends. When things are good we often take these for granted. Tough times will ground you and remind you of what’s important. If you focus on those little moments that make you happy you’ll find it far easier to accept and process what’s happening outside of that. 

Where to find help if you need it

If you’re struggling through tough times at the moment just know that you’re not alone. We all experience it and the coping strategies we use help to define and shape us for the future.  If you are experiencing symptoms of depression and/or suicidal thoughts there is tons of support out there for you. The Samaritans helpline is available 24/7 if you need someone to speak to and you don’t feel comfortable speaking to a family member or friend. Mind also have a ton of information and support on their website if you or someone you love is struggling and Support Line have a great list of agencies available. Your GP is also an option for a referral to your local mental health team.  

You’re far stronger than you think, don’t suffer in silence. 

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  1. meredith wrote:

    Love this so much!! I’ve been going through a really challenging time with all sorts of changes, so this was a really great read. Saving this for the next time I’m feeling down about it!! xx

    Published 11.24.19
    • amycharlotte wrote:

      Thank you, glad you enjoyed! x

      Published 11.24.19
  2. What a lovely post, you are so right, I totally agree. Thank you so much for sharing it.

    Published 11.29.19
    • amycharlotte wrote:

      Thank you! x

      Published 11.29.19
  3. Sian ryan wrote:

    Absolutely love this post, I am currently going through a really tought & shit time, and its hard to be anything but in the moment – but reading your post has given me that gentle reminder that it isnt all bad!

    Thank you!

    Published 12.15.19
    • amycharlotte wrote:

      I’m glad it helped! Sorry to hear you’re struggling at the moment, just remember it won’t last forever and you’re strong enough to come out the other side xx

      Published 12.15.19